[LumiNation 2019] Talks – National Identity in Singapore's Post-War Chinese Novels《战后新马华文小说的发展》

Fresh off the press by Singaporean writer Lee Chuan Low, 《战后新马华文小说的发展》explores the tumultuous post-war years of 1945 - 1965 -- a period of recovery and reconciliation, which saw the emergence of a rich body of novels by Chinese settlers. These novels provide insights into the growing sense of national identity and consciousness within the community in the aftermath of oppression by the Japanese fascists and British colonial masters. In this session based on the book and moderated by Prof Tan Eng Chow, panelists Lee Chuan Low and Li Kang will discuss the themes, unique stylistic and stages of development within this genre and shed light on its contemporary relevance.

Conducted in Mandarin.


李选楼最新出版的《战后新马华文小说的发展》探讨了1945 - 1965年战后动荡的岁月。那二十年出版的小说包含着丰富的历史和故事。陈荣照教授将于李选楼和黎康在这讲说上以这一时期的小说为例,分析战后新马华文小说的分歧与作品特色,解读华族移民对国家意识,阐述在日本法西斯,以及英殖民地的压迫统治中,华族移民对国家民族意识的逐步成长。

About Lumination

Held in conjunction with National Day, LumiNation takes centre stage in The Arts House to explore the Singaporean identity through performances, talks and more. Audiences are invited to discover and reconnect with the quieter parts of the Singaporean conversation over a weekend of thoughtfully curated programmes.

This year, LumiNation explores the theme Building Identity, putting our personal relationships with the nation in conversation with communal narratives and histories, as well as exploring the relationship between the self, place and space in creating a fuller sense of belonging.
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Sat Aug 17, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
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Blue Room, The Arts House
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